Japanculture-My life in Japan

This blog introduce Japanese culture through my life. History,food(Restaurant),popculture(movie,music,anime,etc...),

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hi,how do you do!
My name is Masashi Anan. I'm 26 years old.
This blog introduce Japanese culture through my life!!

Japanese history, food, and pop culture(movie, music, anime,etc..) and so on.
By the way, I can't speak and write English very well...
But I decided to dare to write Brog in English.
There are 3 reasons why I write Brog in English.

1, I wanna come to be able to speak and to write English smoothly.
2, I wanna talk with people all over the world.
3, I wanna live in every day happily and seriously.

So I might misuse English and you might not understand my English easily,but I think that I continue this Brog for a long time hereafter!
Today,I was holiday. I am working at the shop of the cellular phone.This kind of shop is very busy with weekend. So Holiday for the general people is not for me.

I made this blog all day long today!Because this is my first blog,I don't know what I should do..But I managed to make this.I wanna renew this blog everyday,but it took 12 hours to make this!! It's awful..Perhaps I will be able to write the blog quickly day by day!
It was a very cold day today. To unusual,it snowed in my town.The snow has piled a little.I wish to clear up tomorrow. I'm sleepy because I got excited and tired because of the Brog making. See you tomorrow!!